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Redwood Remedies

We are craft cultivators specializing in high potency flower. All Redwood Remedies products are Clean Green Cerified and tested for potency and cleanliness by Sonoma Labworks. 

Here at Redwood Remedies, we are connoisseurs of top quality cannabis, just like you, and your customers. Our mission is to provide the plants an optimal growing environment and in return they produce the cleanest, highest quality flower available. 

We are happy to provide basic or premium displays for your retail location as well as sample jars to show customers/use in displays. We also offer demo days to Bay Area and Sacramento locations to boost sales and brand recognition. 

More Cowbell 1/8th

More Cowbell 1/8th

  • 27 % of THC
  • 0 % of CBD
  • MSRP $45.00
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Girl Scout Cookie x G13/Hashplant

More Cowbell is knock-your-socks off potent. A prime example of a true indica, More Cowbell will lock you to the couch while providing a warm seditive body high. 

Ive got a fever, and the only prescription is.... MORE COWBELL! 

Quantity Per Case: 32
In Stock
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