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La Vida Verde

La Vida Verde is a California state licensed Cannabis Manufacturing, Extraction, and Distribution company. They produce a variety of edible and refined smokable cannabis products for the California marketplace under the brands; Blank Brand, La Vida Verde, and Skunk Feather.

OAK | Skunk Feather | Lemon Diesel B Grade Crumble | 1g

OAK | Skunk Feather | Lemon Diesel B Grade Crumble | 1g

  • 72.04 % of THC
  • 0.00 % of CBD
  • MSRP $26.00
La Vida Verde
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All Skunk Feather concentrates are precisely crafted to ensure maximum retention of terpenes and flavor. We work around the clock to source the finest material available for our products. The majority of the cannabis we use comes from sun grown organically cultivated farms from some of the finest growing regions in Northern California.

Crumble is our flagship product. At first sight, smell and taste you will know why. We rely on artisan craftsman and scientific processes to extract an aromatic and light concentrate taht is bursting with terpenes and flavor.



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