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Herer Group honors the lifelong mission of Jack Herer (1939-2010), an activist devoted to Making America Green Again… cannabis-style! We oversee a family of companies that together support small, Earth-friendly cannabis farms and make artisanal cannabis products available to dispensaries across California.
The Original Jack Herer - Flower 1/8th oz Jar Case

The Original Jack Herer - Flower 1/8th oz Jar Case

  • 25 % of THC
  • 0 % of CBD
  • MSRP $40.00
Herer Group
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So many strains claim the Jack name but the taste, aroma and quality of the Original Jack Herer is distinctly Superior.
ORGANICALLY GROWN: Enjoy The Original Jack Herer the way nature intended. Always lab tested and pesticide free. ARTISANAL QUALITY Spanning from beautiful Southern California, to the famous and fertile Santa Cruz Mountains, to the rolling emerald hills of Medocino and Humboldt Counties, Herer Distribution brings artisanal quality cannabis to your local dispensary. JACK HERER Many try to claim the name Jack, but none match the taste, aroma and quality of The Original Jack Herer. 

Quantity Per Case: 128
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